What it’s like Working For An Order Taking Account – Call Center 101

Can I have this one please!

Technology is now changing how we live, thanks to its continues growth, ordering food has never been so convenient, regardless of where we are at, the food we want is just a few clicks away. Apps like Grabfood and foodpanda made it more easy than ever. 

Job Responsibilities

Order Taking Account is exactly the same as how inbound sales works where you receive orders either through call or chat from customers. Some accounts do have quota and the amount of calls you carry out is counted. The more calls you get the more you win and that’s the name of the game.

The order you receive varies from pizza and groceries to flowers and so on. Fundamentally, handling the account is just a piece of cake therefore you’d have to rely on getting calls as many as possible and type faster to be able to get more rewards.

What makes your customers want your product?

You’d have to show that good vibes, just as simple as giving a smile from time to time as you talk to a customer face to face is a game changer. They say smile is contagious, this particular act would make what you are selling interesting to them therefore should compel them enough to buy your product or at least raise the probability of them becoming your prospect.

Confidence is key. Your customers can feel what you feel about yourself. Maybe an improved hygiene, exercise, and a healthy diet should cheer you up therefore allowing yourself to be more lively talking to your customers hence raising the chances of winning your customers heart. Also don’t forget to verify the customer’s order. You could do upselling once you feel like the interaction is about to end.


You have probably experienced this in Jollibee or Mcdo before where one of them would say “would you like to add 1 peach mango pie or sundae” that’s the upselling being implemented. It’s when they try to sell you the better one for you and you end up getting the recent offer, like combo meal or what not instead of the cheaper ones, you get the idea. Upsizing is another powerful technique. You might say that this doesn’t really contribute on paper that much when in reality, the accumulated contribution can actually help the company make more money and so does it give more value to customers since you, the agent, is taking the time to help your customers decide what is reasonable and suitable for them. Its win-win isn’t it?


Order taking account is the easiest account in the call center world. Food delivery services only demands you to get the job done faster with typing and communication skills in place. In chat, you are more likely to get around angry customers easily since you are not interacting with them face to face.


I would say that this is subjective, some people wouldn’t like to get assigned to reports and complaints. In this job, the customers you come across are generally upset and already have issues, sometimes it’s hard to deal with such behaviors, on another occasions it’s just a piece of cake.

Another disadvantage is, some order taking accounts are seasonal. This means you would only work for a given period, largely depends on the contract you have agreed on. Upon finishing the contract you are to find another job or whatnot. If you are lucky you could get transferred to HR department.

Some order taking accounts make less money as basic skills are only required for this job but if you are just starting out on working for the BPO industry, this will do.

All in all the best part of this is that the job isn’t toxic. You get to go home peacefully and satisfied. 

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