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Today we’re gonna talk about what it’s like working for a Tech Support Account.

What makes a tech account special? Why would we call people who work in the account a Super Saiyan?

They say when you are in tech department, you have a good reputation, you standout, you are just different from the rest who aren’t as sophisticated as you. A tech account would be for level up agents. They are really a Super Saiyan aren’t they? Now we’re going to find out if they really have such power!


Hardware represents tangible peripherals of a computer such as keyboard, mouse, printers, camera and so on. Not to mention gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and whatnot.


Software represents programs that function within computers and phones, the ones that make them interesting and useful to us, like certain apps, Photoshop, MS office, you name it. If one of them doesn’t work the way the individual would expect it to, the owner would call you for help and you, as the Super Saiyan in this story, you would walk him through on how to fix the issue.

Phones and Tablets

Since nowadays we use them often. You as a tech support often find yourself solving problems that come from them. The same goes with TV and Streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and so on.

Online services

Like Facebook accounts or the accounts you use with online gaming is also included in the list you look after.

Internet connectivity

We are all familiar with this. Like when your internet always disconnects and ruins your experience on your pc, you know what to do next, you need a tech support who would assist you on fixing the problem you don’t know how to fix.

Job Responsibilities


In a Tech Support Account, you have to have that assurance that you know what you are doing, quick-to-respond and patient at all times. College Graduates with a tech related course are the only ones who get in this particular field.

The calls in tech are usually geared towards resolving an issue. You would give your customers particular steps on how to get their phone, router or tv work again. Any hardware or software issue the customers find difficult to deal with has to be taken care of.

The customers you talk to are generally frustrated or not in the mood or whatnot but the bright side of this is that they are receptive and will follow any solution you say, the particular steps they have to take in order to solve their problems.

Sometimes you face an issue you don’t know how to solve and now you will be forced to send the customer to the one in other department who can handle the problem.

Tech supports are really cool. Some people would say that they are the cool kids in the call center world. They’re kind of the clever people here. 

In some accounts you can override the customer, like through visual meeting, to fix the issue if ever the customer doesn’t have the capacity to follow the said steps to solve their problem. Sometimes resetting the router, is the only solution to their problem as not everyone is into tech meaning you will come across people who really don’t know even the basics in tech.

You would find customers being thankful for what you have done for instance, like that feeling you get when you know you have helped someone who was in need of assistance is priceless. It’s in our nature to help someone as humans. In tech, you prioritize customer satisfaction and that’s the very thing that makes you satisfied in this job.

Sometimes you get a commission from upselling of additional warranty.

If you don’t have enough patience then you have to avoid this particular field. This is not just about being smart or look cool. You have to be eloquent and be able to explain a particular solution to their problems very clear for them to follow. Especially when you receive senior calls and aren’t as eloquent as the previous ones you’ve talked to. This takes a lot of your patience for you to make it.

Sometimes you face a problem where you will try a lot of ways to solve it only to figure out at the end that the problem is not really for tech and you find that you have wasted a lot of time. You have to really know what you are doing otherwise not only you will waste your time but others as well. Tons of research and study are needed as you go on this journey. In tech you must always study and stay on top of the industry trends as the growth of technology happens year after year and it just never ends.

Sometimes you’ll experience an angry customer and will say a lot of unnecessary stuff, like things that might trigger you or hit you below the belt. And you must just give them reassuring words, like saying that the problem will be fixed soon no worries, that would probably calm them down easily.

As a whole, working in tech is just fun, maybe because it’s part of our nature to solve problems to survive. We’ve been solving problems for years and we keep on overcoming them. If you get placed in a tech account make sure your patience is upfront at all times and stay updated with all the possible solutions to their problems.

If you have come this far, thank you so much, we appreciate your effort and we hope this has helped you clarify things in your mind. If you are interested in becoming a Super Saiyan, I mean in tech account, we are hiring at Sapient. You can just fill out our online application form by clicking on the link below or you can send us a message on any of our social media accounts. You might want to follow us for career tips, advice, and latest job openings. See you soon! 

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