The Definitive Guide to Pizza Flavors

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Did your team hit all its target metrics? Or is your boss having another extra fun Birthday Party?

Then that means your team is definitely having another pizza party! But wait, there are so many pizza flavors to choose from. Some pizza flavors are definitely better than others and some are almost borderline gross. If you are having trouble picking out pizza flavors that everyone in the office will enjoy then you do not have to worry. We are here to help!

So what pizza toppings are on the top of this list?

Let’s get started!

1. Spinach Pizza

This Pizza flavor has overtaken the other pizza flavors since it arrived. It is very tasty and quite healthy compared to other pizza flavors. Who knew spinach and pizza is a match made in heaven? Popeye was onto something when he started eating spinach.

2. Pepperoni

Pepperoni is an upgrade for cheese pizza. It is still good for people on a diet because the pizza toppings are minimal. It is just cheese and pepperoni. Not too heavy but still savory and satisfying. Pepperoni is one of the best-selling pizza flavors because of its perfect balance. Also, it is fun to say. Pepperoniiiii.

3. Cheese / 4 Cheese

They say simplicity is beauty. This definitely applies to cheese pizza. Dough + Tomato Sauce + Cheese. Perfect. No one will complain when you order Cheese Pizza. Vegetarians are good because there is no meat. People on diet should be ok because there is no protein. A great choice for a Pizza Flavor because it’s well-rounded. Also, it’s cheaper than other pizza flavors. Isn’t it great?

4. Hawaiian

Ok, Hold on. This is definitely a controversial choice for a pizza flavor. Not everyone likes pineapple on their pizza, and honestly, I understand the hate of some people. Pineapple is a fruit and is very juicy, so imagine if you put pineapple on your pizza before cooking. You would think the juices from the pineapple will ruin the pizza. Apparently, this is not the case, The juices from the pineapple goes to the cheese and tomato. The cheese gets cooked in the oven but does not brown because of the juices. Also pineapple pairs well with meats like ham and bacon. So even if you are not a fan of pineapple on pizza you should definitely give it a try at least. Then stop ordering it if it really does not excite your taste buds.

5. Manager’s Choice / Meat Lovers Pizza

Meat! Enough Said. Well, most people that eat pizza are not vegetarians. Also, you would not eat pizza if you are on a diet! Ordering Manager’s Choice is definitely the safe choice when ordering pizza flavors. Everyone enjoys grilled meat whether it’s salami, pepperoni, ground beef, or chorizo. If you think about it, eating a meat lover’s pizza is a complete meal because pizza is made of dough which is carbs and its toppings are meat and vegetables which will be your protein. 

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