What it’s like Working For a Telco Account | Call Center 101

They say working in telco account gives you headaches, believing that it gets toxic over time when in reality, that’s not really the case as jobs always have a dark side that needs to be dealt with and we are responsible for that assuming we have consciously chosen the particular career path.

Most often than not, it just depends on how you perceive and handle the job rather than what makes you think the job is or largely depending on how others think of it.

Telco Account

Job Responsibilities

When you are placed in telco account, you are to receive calls from customers concerning phone bill like for internet connection or anything that has to do with the amount of money owed for services rendered or goods supplied, you name it.

You might experience some customers complaining, asking why their internet gets disconnected regardless of the payment they’ve already given. You would probably get angry if you were on their shoes wouldn’t you? knowing that you do your part, paying your bills yet that still happens as if they are taking advantage of you.

Specifically, when billing concerns, you as an agent, you’re going to have to explain to your customers the billing cycle like when actually the cycle starts and ends for the chosen goods or plans. When the customer’s bill got higher, the customer must have used the chosen service beyond the covered plan or maybe the data usage limit must have been exceeded therefore has produced consequences.

Sometimes you’ll receive calls with regards to troubleshooting, dealing with tech issues and at the same time maintaining a quality customer service experience for your customers.

When it comes to tech issues, you as an agent will most likely face problems regarding phones not working properly, signal not being detected, the internet always gets disconnected, the videos keep on buffering, you name it. You might face a problem where you would just tell your customer to reset the router and voila! the internet gets back to normal again, just as simple as that. 

You’re going to have to explain them carefully what you think is the problem and what are the particular steps the customers have to take in order to make their services or product work again. Simple and clear explanations must calm angry customers you face as you go along this journey.

Upselling is also useful here, well, in fact is an effective way to earn more. You must have already experienced this before where you receive texts from chosen services that have to do with promos or whatnot. You as an agent, you would probably take advantage of this shown particular technique, letting your customers aware of what are the active promos for the month for instance as the more customers you get to buy them the more you get commissions along your journey, you earn more than what you had expected. It’s easy money isn’t it?

In conclusion, working in telco account is not actually hard. You may face one or two angry customers but it is normal and it’s not something you want to avoid deep inside as we are problem solvers by nature and solving problems satisfies us all no doubt. Not facing any problems along the way should get you bored. You don’t like the latter one do you? And another thing, them being angry on the phone has nothing to do with you, they are just going through tough times with their chosen services and just want them solved in no time, like one of them probably must have gotten fired from a job because he keeps on losing his internet connection in the middle of a crucial meeting and his boss just had enough and got sick of it.

These angry customers just need you that’s why they look for you and rely on you as you are the most important person to them at the moment. You matter to your customers and clients. Some customers will give nice attitude, very calm knowing that you’ve solved their current problem and that’s very encouraging. This stage is the fun part, this will actually make you enjoy your work more and look forward to life.


Some agents say that you earn more money in telco account as the clients have big budget and give more incentives. You can feel the energy in telco account department since most people choose this account meaning you are going to have a good time with your co-workers as most of them are encouraged, uplifted and excited to live their best lives helping people and earning more in the process.


It could be the irate customers you face. You’ll still experience them whatever account you are in regardless. Jobs or career path in general have bright and dark side that is already given and some of you must have already realized it, good for you. As we have said, it just depends on how you perceive the job. When you look at it as you helping people solve their problems, getting them satisfied with your service as if you are living with your purpose or something then you are surely going to have a good time with your work and co-workers.

All in all, nothing can beat the feeling you get from contributing and helping people regardless of the negative aspect of the job you are in. The bright side, the how you perceive it, the feeling you get upon helping people surely outweighs the other side.

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