How To Get Promoted at Work Quickly?

Getting promoted is a big deal when it comes to working in the call center or BPO industry. It means a better pay, a more stable career and a better future. But how do you get promoted? In order to get promoted, you need to work hard, be the best agent in your team or on the floor and build the right connections. You also have to stand out from the crowd and be someone people can’t forget. 

Promotions can ensure you that you will have a career and a well paying job five, ten, or even twenty years from now. It can also help you have a more fulfilling career. There are many things you would need to do to achieve a promotion, but the most important one would be achieving your metrics. 

But first let us discuss the steps you can take to get promoted.

Stand Out

In order for you to get promoted, you must stand out from the pool of other candidates and other agents. You can’t be just someone forgettable. You need to treat yourself like a brand, a product that you need to sell. You need push yourself out of your comfort zone so that you will be someone who is memorable. 

The basic premise here is that, management will always choose someone whom they can remember right on top of their heads as compared to someone who they have never ever heard of. 

In order for you to stand out, you must first be popular on the floor. You need to make a lot of friends, you also need to be one of the top agents. Aside from that you need to participate in company events and hypes.

Once you stand out and become popular, you can now submit your application for a higher post and you can expect better results. But of course, your metrics also have to be great. You cannot rely on popularity alone

Have Really Good Metrics

To get to that TL or QA post, you need to have the top spot in the office. You need to ace your metrics and bring on your A game. Your AHT has to be within target so that you TL will know that you are efficient at work. Also you need to ace your QA. QA scores tell the bosses and the client that you are able to stick to the guidelines they have set. Your CSAT should always be a 5 to a minimum of a 4 because high CSAT scores mean that you are able to satisfy your customers on each and every call.

These metrics will determine if you qualify for a higher position. If you are unable to hit your metrics, then it means you do not deserve a promotion.

Aside from those hygiene metrics, you also need to have a perfect attendance. If you don’t show up to work, then you should not be promoted. If you are sick on the other hand, then you need to submit a medical certificate.

Be Reliable

If you want to be promoted, be reliable. Being reliable means that you are someone dependable. It means you volunteer to do things without being asked. It also means you are helpful all the time.

Demonstrating reliability gets you promoted because your boss and his bosses will like you. For example, if they need people to do overtime, and you volunteer, they will see you as hard working. If you help with the floor decorations on theme days, they will see as someone helpful and creative. Also if your boss can count on you to help him with encoding his reports or just getting him coffee or just helping him out with some ad hoc tasks, then he will likely choose you when applications for promotions come in.

Show people that you are someone whom they can trust and count on. Be reliable in order for you to be promoted.

Build A Strong Network

Your connections at work can make or break your promotion. If you connect with the right people, then they can help you achieve your dream of becoming the next TL or trainer or QA. 

For example, if you befriend your trainer, then he or she can put in a good word for you if you apply for a trainer post. Or if you are nice to your QA, then he or she can recommend you too. Also the OMs and other bosses are just humans, they make friendships and connections. You can talk to them and even share your thoughts and ideas. Be visible among the higher ops so that they can see you and choose you to be the next officer. 

Another tip is to be friends with different people on the floor. Reach out to other teams or just say hi as you see them walking on the floor. Try to be really approachable.

Build Your Portfolio

An impressive resume can get you places. It can bolster your career. Because of this, you need to add things to your resume that can make you look good. You need to take trainings and seminars that will not only give you new knowledge, but will also boost your portfolio. Take Excel classes. Study how to use Canva. Train for Six Sigma. Improve yourself so that you can get promoted.

If your resume is better than the other candidates’ resume, you have a better chance at getting promoted.

Why Should You Get Promoted?

Some agents don’t even think about getting promoted. They just go to work and they do not care about getting a better position at work. But having a promotion and a better rank is good for you. Others may say that working in the call center is just temporary and it’s just a stepping stone to something better. But the job market is already very saturated and finding another job with the same pay or the benefits is difficult. So working on a promotion is actually a smart move for your career.
You need to get promoted because a higher position means a higher pay. Yes, you may lose the OT pay and the incentives and bonuses, but your base pay will be higher. This means that you are guaranteed to get a higher pay even without commissions. 
Aside from that, many TLs do get commissions even if they do not take in calls. Working for a higher post also ensures a stable job for you. If you are an officer, you are less dispensable than other employees. 
Aside from that, getting a higher rank means a better and more fulfilling career for you. It means that you are being appreciated at work. As humans, we do not want to stay in the same space all the time. We want to grow and be recognized. Having a promotion can give you just that.

So these are just simple things you can do to get promoted in a call center. Actually, you can even use them even if you don’t work in a call center.

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