What it’s like working for a Hotel Reservations account | Call center 101

You won’t believe what it’s like working in a hotel reservations account!

If the HR assigned you in a hotel reservations account, then you would thank her later as you’ve got what you really wanted. Handling this account is as enjoyable as you might expect it to be and you’re going to know why later on. Agents here and there say that you’re really lucky when you get to hold the account.

Job Responsibilities

Perhaps you think that since this is something that makes us happy working then the account should probably not give us any real value in the long run, well, that’s not the case as the things you would learn with the account are actually very useful and fun at the same time and they are anything that has to do with traveling and amenities of particular hotels. You would think that the account is kind of best of both worlds. The things you’ll learn that are part of the training have to do with cool places such as Las Vegas, New York, Disneyland, California and so on.

Typically, when you are in a hotel account you either work in Inbound Sales which also acts as a reservations specialist or in customer service where you take calls concerning booking issues and whatnot.


The biggest advantage in working in a hotel account is that it is an easy account.

Why is handling the account easy? You only sell vacations, trips and places for people to relax on. You would be really interested in what you are selling by nature. In training you are exposed to interesting places in the US or around the world and with this kind of cool experiences, your attitude and behavior get influenced hence you become more productive on your journey with your way of work becoming second nature to you as a consequence of you just being interested in what you are selling.

Another good thing about this is you normally don’t experience irate callers in inbound sales and reservations as these customers that look for you are normally happy and cheerful. Their trips are usually related to business or leisure or they just need to go and find a place to sleep.

Since the typical customers you`d experience give good vibes, your selling performance gets better as a by-product hence you earn more at the end of the day. When it comes to customer service, you will still get irate callers from time to time but those customers would be not as bad as what you would experience in other accounts. Another good thing about the account is that the things you will learn will be useful in real-world for instance you want to travel since you are already familiar with the process of online reservation, the process will just be a piece of cake to you by any means and you are going to be able to travel.


Of course, everything has a downside, that is given, and it could be the conversion rate or quota. Sometimes it is hard to hit the quota, yet it is still achievable through strategizing your approach carefully in selling by any means. Besides, experiencing irate callers is still unlikely to happen since a hotel account naturally attracts people who are really interested in what the account offers alone.

All in all, you are going to have a good time working in a hotel account and even newcomers are still welcome here. The tenured ones, who switched to hotel account route, would probably say that this account is kind of like a place to rest for them compared to their previous jobs that might have been producing the opposite effect.

Things to know

You must memorize all the places of interest around the spot like in New York, what are the things that represent the place, like in Museum of Modern, Central Park, Time Square, Brooklyn Bridge and so on.

You must familiarize yourself with the sizes of beds, is it full, double, queen-size or king-size? Like does the bed have bedsheets and thread counts. You might want to know if the hotel is pet-friendly, smoking or non-smoking. Is breakfast included? If Continental Breakfast then it is comprised of fruits, coffee, jams, anything that is light whereas full breakfast it includes bacon, eggs and so on, oh, you are getting hungry, aren’t you?

In conclusion, in a hotel account, you enjoy your work and earn more!

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