Gift Ideas For Your Office Frenemy

Looking for some evil gift ideas for someone you secretly hate in the office?

Well, these are the people responsible for your pretentious smiles and hugs when you secretly wished in your head to just diss them with those savage comebacks that would surely roast them to their core. 

Gift Ideas For Your Office Frenemy

What does frenemy mean?

Frenemies are the people you have hit a lot in your imagination, but in reality, you prefer to ignore their actions instead. Basically, frenemies are the ones in your social circle who challenge your sanity by the annoying things they do to you, be it at a party, a small catch-up together with your colleagues, or any encounter with them. 

You want to make them taste their own pills, but you don’t want to cause any harm and don’t want to end your relationship. So, here is your solution! We will give you some ideas or a list of evil gifts that will piss off your frenemies.

Disclaimer: The gift ideas compiled in the list do not cause any physical or emotional harm to the receivers; all the gifts are intended to spread laughter and fun. We do not intend to spread any hate or agony towards the receivers of the gift.

1. Giant screaming rubber chicken.

If the person you hate has kids, then you can gift this item to their kids to ultimately target that person. This is the perfect present for them. It is a screaming rubber chicken toy. It screams very loudly for 45 seconds. This toy is the perfect prank gift for your frenemies.

2. Funny toilet timer.

Send a clear message with this explosively funny gift: the toilet timer! It is a great gag for your coworker who lingers gift: the toilet timer! It is a great gag for your coworker who lingers. It has a unique sand timer that runs for about 5 minutes. To set the timer, rotate the device clockwise 360 degrees, set it down, do your business, and get out before your legs fall asleep. Surely, your frenemy will get annoyed!

3. Custom UNT coffee mug.

Are you done with those annoying pranks from “the greatest prankster” in your group? Now is the perfect opportunity to take revenge on your hated colleague. What you’ve got to do is simply gift this UNT coffee mug with a colorful handle (whatever color you prefer). The word “UNT” is printed on it and looks like the letter “C.” Bust their myth of being the best prankster with this coffee mug.

4. Funny pooping dogs calendar.

We all know that when it comes to buying gifts for your frenemies or not-so-friendly friends, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to give the most useless gift possible. So, here is a white elephant gift for that person in your life. Funny 2023 wall calendar, picturing pooping dogs! Hahahaha! This 2023 wall calendar with pooping dogs is a unique and novel present for your friends on any special occasion.

5. Eccentric silicone tea infuser.

Is your frenemy a tea lover? Or is it he or she who never misses the chance to spill all the secrets and gossip on the table? We have a perfect gift for them! Funny spoof artifacts are tea infusers. The tea steeper is the best gag gift for a Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, or any other special day for them. This poop tea infuser is a fantastic gift idea and a hilarious prank for a “friend.” 

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