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Your colleague has Bad Breath! What do you do?

Well to tell you the truth you really should not do anything about it. It is their body and it is their choice but if it starts to affect you and your colleagues at work then maybe you should consider doing something about it. Also, if you are a close friend to your colleague and you believe that doing so will help them improve their social well-being in the workplace then you should definitely do it. There are a number

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Work Online

Youtube Account Post Comment – Sapient Bringing people and technology together. No BPO Experience Required High School Graduates are welcome Dayshift and Night Shift accounts available HMO and other benefits on Day 1 Work From Home or Onsite Salary ranges between 14,000 to 26, 000 I have read and agreed to the company’s privacy policy. Please tick the box to agree to the terms. Thank you Click Here to Apply

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What to do with an abusive manager?

It can be annoying to feel unappreciated at work by your boss if you are a typical employee who goes the extra mile. Often, an incapable employer or manager will feel threatened by skilled subordinates. The last thing you need is a power struggle in the office. After all, your aim is to perform as well as you can and to establish yourself as a reliable employee for your boss. If you feel like your manager is on a power

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What it’s like Working For An Order Taking Account – Call Center 101

Can I have this one please! Technology is now changing how we live, thanks to its continues growth, ordering food has never been so convenient, regardless of where we are at, the food we want is just a few clicks away. Apps like Grabfood and foodpanda made it more easy than ever.  Job Responsibilities Order Taking Account is exactly the same as how inbound sales works where you receive orders either through call or chat from customers. Some accounts do

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What it’s like Working For a Telco Account | Call Center 101

They say working in telco account gives you headaches, believing that it gets toxic over time when in reality, that’s not really the case as jobs always have a dark side that needs to be dealt with and we are responsible for that assuming we have consciously chosen the particular career path. Most often than not, it just depends on how you perceive and handle the job rather than what makes you think the job is or largely depending on

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