7 Easy Steps on How to Get Hired as a Call Center Agent

About 1.3 million Filipinos are working as call center agents right now. Many aspire to work in the BPO industry because of the high salary and the equal opportunity it brings. Even if you don’t have a college diploma or have only finished high school, there are many call centers out there that would open their doors for you.

But how do you get a job in a call center?

1. Communication Skills

The most important thing you need to have when applying for a call center job is excellent communication skills. You need to be able to speak fluent English with a neutral accent.

What is English fluency?

English fluency is the ability to express your ideas and feelings well without stuttering. When you are fluent, you can clearly articulate your thoughts, give instructions to a customer and explain things clearly. It also means being able to have good grammar and subject-verb agreement.

Having a neutral accent is necessary for your customer to understand you clearly. Some accents are tough to understand. A strong accent can make your customer confused about what you are saying.

How do you improve your communication skills if you aren’t fluent yet?

To improve your English speaking skills, you can watch English shows and emulate how they talk. The more you listen to English conversations, the easier it is for you to speak well in English. You can also join some English language classes to learn how to communicate more fluently. 

2. Create An Awesome Resume

Your resume is a black and white document that represents you. A good resume can demonstrate who you are as a person and future employee.

So what should you write in your resume?

If you have already had work experience before, even if it is not in the BPO industry, put it in your resume. Your previous work experiences can tell the recruitment team about your work ethic and your ability to work.

Have you worked in a fast-food restaurant previously? Write that down. Adding your work experiences may show your future BPO employer good customer service skills.

If you are a fresh graduate or an undergraduate, you may list the organizations you have joined in school. You must also put your skills such as being computer savvy. Computer skills are essential in your future job as a call center agent.

DO NOT FORGET to list down your responsibilities in previous work. This allows employers to know if your prior duties at work match the skills they need for the job. If you have worked in another call center before, add those details. You can say if you had a stint with billing, sales, customer service, or tech support.

Try to format your resume as clearly and as neatly as possible. Put your name on the header as well as youDo not put skills like singing and dancing as this may make your interviewer feel that you are not serious in looking for work. 

3. Practice For Your Interview

Your interview will be the most essential part of your application process. This part of your journey will most likely be determined if you will get hired or not. Yes, there will be a test or two after, but your initial and final interviews will bear the most weight in your quest to get hired.

The most common question in an interview is “Tell me about yourself.”. Practice answering this question in front of the mirror. Do not memorize your answer, as this may sound too robotic. You should learn the key points in your self-introduction by heart. Another common question is, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. You may also find common interview questions online and practice answering them. 

4. Show Up on Time and Dress Well

In the BPO industry, being late is a mortal sin. So be early in your interview. You should be at your interview location about fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. On the other hand, if the interview is online, set up your computer at least thirty minutes before your allotted time.

For your attire, don’t wear just anything. Try to put on something smart-casual. Wear shoes and never slippers. A polo shirt won’t hurt. And for girls, do not put on too much make-up. This will be an interview and an application, not a Halloween party.

It is still advisable to wear a decent top, even for an online interview. Also, try to blur your background if whatever is behind you is messy. Ensure that you are in a quiet location with minimal noise disturbances. 

5. Get Good Marks on Your Exams.

Call centers usually give exams on subject-verb agreement, IQ tests, logical reasoning, as well as Versant or Berlitz, to assess your ability to think, speak and communicate. It would not hurt to review subject and verb agreement rules. On the other hand, the Versant or the Berlitz exams measure your ability to speak fluently in English. So when given this type of exam, speak as clearly as possible and SMILE as you answer them. Smiling as you talk makes you sound friendly and approachable and gives you higher marks in such tests. 

6. Be Confident

When applying for work, you are selling yourself to the company and the interviewer. You need to sound reliable and confident. Having a bubbly and outgoing demeanor in your interview helps. It makes you memorable. Don’t fumble and try to RELAX. 

7. Do Some Research

It never hurts to ask your friends or relatives who work in a call center for tips. You can ask them to refer you and coach you in their respective companies as well

Also, read online about the company you are applying to. The interviewer might ask you if you have any idea about what their company does or what your idea of a call center agent’s work is like. Read up and research. 
These are just basic tips. But with determination and handwork, you can ace that job application. Be confident and believe in yourself. Don’t forget to practice and practice those interview answers!

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