Tips for Staying Positive While Job Searching

It is easy to become frustrated or disheartened during a job search, particularly if you’ve been unemployed or job hunting for an extended period. Feeling positive will help motivate you to continue with your search. Also, your positive attitude will come across during interviews and networking opportunities, increasing your chances of making a strong first impression. Here’s some tips for remaining upbeat and enthusiastic during your job search:

1.) Get Organized

Take time to get organized. Having everything you need for a job search ready – your resume and LinkedIn profile updated, some references you can use, an interview outfit ready to wear, and a plan for organizing your job search in place – will make the process much smoother.

2.) Create a Daily Job Search Routine

Consider your job search as your full-time job. Wake up early, take a lunch break, and end your job search activities before dinner. Creating a regular routine and keeping your job search organized will keep you focused and motivated. Also, setting a start and end time to your job search forces you to stop thinking about your job search in the evenings, and spend time focusing on other important aspects of your life, like your friends and family.smoother.

3.) Find Time to Not Think about Your Job Search

Excessive worry about your job search only increases your stress and keeps you from enjoying other aspects of your life. Set aside time each day to forget about your job search and do something you enjoy, like going for a walk or to the gym (exercise is an important way to de-stress!) or going or a movie.

4.) Focus on Your Positives:

When job searching, it is useful to make a list of your best qualities, skills, and accomplishments. Keep this list where you can see it, and review it regularly. Remembering what makes you a successful job candidate and a talented, unique person will help boost your confidence during the job search process.

5.) Spend Some Time Networking In-Person

Even though you can successfully network online, nothing beats in-person networking. A cup of coffee with a former colleague, client, or friend may get you job leads that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. On a similar note, don’t be shy about asking your friends and family for job search assistance. The more people who know you’re seeking employment, the better your chances of getting hired quickly.

  1. Celebrate Small Victories
    It is easy to focus on the negative during a job search, such as the interview you didn’t land or the job you didn’t get. Instead, focus on even the smallest wins. Be proud of yourself for getting a phone interview, even if you don’t get asked for an in-person interview. Celebrating the small wins will help you to focus on the positive.
  2. See everything as an Opportunity
    It is easy to become tired of writing cover letters, going to interviews, and networking. However, try to think of each activity as an opportunity that will only make you a better candidate. If you are interviewing for a job, you don’t think you want (or don’t think you will get), try to think of the interview as a chance to network and to work on your interview skills. Simply thinking of tasks as opportunities rather than chores will put you in a positive mindset.

By focusing on what you can do to help your job search, you will worry less about what is out of your hands. Even though it might seem like it’s taking forever, once ready to start your new job it will be worth all the effort you put into getting hired, and the time you spent dealing with a difficult job search.

Above all, remember that your situation is temporary and things will eventually fall into place, even if takes a bit longer than anticipated.

by Arianne Mei Dominguez,
Published April 5, 2019