Reasons Why You Should Choose a Dayshift Job

In the Philippines, the majority of BPO firms use graveyard shifts. Leaving no room for a daytime/dayshift job. In a short period of time, the Philippines’ growth increased dramatically as it emerged as one of the most competitive countries in the BPO industry. As this business expanded, it opened a lot of opportunities for the unemployed. Despite its strengths, every business has its flaws. For the BPO industry, it is its “night shifts.”

Call centers usually operate at night to accommodate clients from different time zones. But the change in every employee’s body clock brought a lot of health issues. Agents have no choice but to report to work when most people are in deep sleep, and their safe travel home raises concerns.

However, there are still a few BPO companies that offer dayshift jobs. And you might consider it a gem on the field. Who would say no to that?

In this article, we will distinguish the benefits of a dayshift job. Take the time to read it!


Most employees prefer working in the morning like everyone else, rather than in the middle of the night. As for the food, everything else, from fast food to bakeries, from “karinderyas” to “canteens,” is still open during the day. However, during the night, there were only a limited number of stores (or 24/7 stores) from which you could buy. To add, personal tasks like paying bills, grocery shopping, and even mall hopping are still doable. 

Work-life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is important for an employee’s performance. It contributes to the well-being and mental health of each employee, which might affect her or his productivity. Working a dayshift can spare you so much time to go home when everyone in your household is still awake. But on the contrary, when assigned to the night shift, it is almost impossible to keep your family, friends, and social life intact.

Health issues

No matter how young or old an individual is, one’s health remains the most important of all. But working the night shift has serious disadvantages. While young, mild palpitations and irregular sleeping patterns are still okay and fine. However, if you’re in your mid-30s, your body will slowly start to betray you. You will be in for several serious conditions, such as diabetes, ulcers, cardiovascular disease, and many more.


It is not rocket science to understand that the night commute is unsafe. As the most heinous crimes happen at night, it is very dangerous to travel alone in the wee hours. No matter how prepared you are for possible attacks, the risks still won’t decrease.

For an employee, receiving a huge paycheck at the end of every month is greatly fulfilling. Even so, there are more major factors that aid each worker in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Particulars like a happy working environment and schedule are also of huge importance.

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