9 Signs Your Female Colleague Has A Crush On You

How would you know if your female colleague has a crush on you? Here are the 9 signs she has feelings for you! 

There are times that you do not even realize that one of your colleagues has a crush on you. But, day by day, that feeling comes to you. You feel that your coworker is hiding something – her feelings, rather – that you never expected. In this article, we will discuss some signs your female coworker has a crush on you. What are you waiting for?

Come on, let’s read! 

1. Always says, “Hi!”

This is the first sign your coworker has a crush on you. She never forgets to give you a greeting at least once a day. She often says, “Hi!” every day with a big smile.

2. Catch your eyes.

She never let go of her eyes. She always stays to catch your eye. And she always does this in private.

3. Buys something for you.

She buys you small presents that you’ll surely love. Then, she’ll put it on your table. And that’s not all! There’s a note for you that says, “Have a nice day!” with a smiling face on it.

4. Silly nicknames.

She calls you silly nicknames. She even gives you a name you don’t even know. It’s like a secret code with her girl best friend. At first, you might call it annoying (because you’re curious as hell!). But the truth is, you’re happy, right? When you know it already, you’ll realize that nobody except her calls you like this!

5. Worries about you.

While you are sick in the office, she worries about you. She will even initiate going to the doctor with you as soon as possible. She doesn’t mind accompanying you to the hospital.

6. Discuss outside the office.

Aside from meeting in the office, she loves to discuss things with you outside the office. For her, it is not always about work; sometimes she wants to discuss some problems with you.

7. Remember small things.

Women tend to remember all the tiny details. From the day you wore this kind of outfit to the places you’ve been and one of the signs that she has feelings for you is when she remembers small things about you.

She has been your coworker for almost a few years; of course, she knows when you will have a birthday too. One day, when you don’t remember your birthday, she’ll give you a small present or might even surprise you! How thoughtful of her, isn’t she?

8. Wait to take a break with you.

Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable around her as if she always waits for you to take a break with her. But this is one of the clear signs that she really likes you. She’s willing to wait for you.

9. Stay late together.

Work piles up; there are instances that you’ll experience being loaded with work, causing you to stay in the office for a little longer. However, this does not make you sad because she will always accompany you. She’s willing to stay up late just to be with you.

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