5 Signs That You Are Disconnected With Your Current Job


Is your job a breeding ground for discontent? Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are not happy with their current jobs and would eventually decide to find another job that will make them feel contented, happy and secure. Society taught us to find a job with a good company that offers competitive employee compensation and benefits package and job security. Landing on a job that you don’t find yourself happy could be a burden and stressful. But finding a job that can provide your financial needs and can suit your abilities, skills and capabilities is also challenging.

Here are some factors or signs that you are not contented with your current job.

1.) You Can’t Stop Complaining. 

There is always a reason for you to complain. You complain about your workload even if you are well-compensated. You complain being in your desk with lots of paper works to do. You complain about your boss giving you tasks to finish. You complain about your workmates. You just complain on a daily basis.

2.) You Don’t Mind the Job, You Focus on the Salary and Career Advancement

You are already used to the job. You know your work routine and can finish your tasks well. You don’t mind your job responsibilities. However, you become more conscious with the amount of salary and benefits that you are getting. Why does it seem like it is not enough? Sometimes you became aware that some coworkers doing the same job or tasks as you receives more than what you are getting. Moreover, a promotion can be in line but you were not able to get it. These instances could really trigger discontentment.

3.) You Procrastinate – All the time.

You already have this kind of thought that you will not be promoted and your efforts will be put to waste anyways so you tend to procrastinate in doing your workloads and there might be times that you intentionally don’t meet your deadlines.

4.) You Don’t Socialize With Your Colleagues

 One of the ways to survive a job is to be friends with your coworkers. However, you just don’t like to socialize and be friends with them because you don’t feel like you’ll be able to click with them and you just don’t trust them. You feel like no one would want to have you around. And it always seems impossible for you to survive and stay at work.

5.) You Feel Like Work Days Are Long

 You keep on looking at the office clock. You keep on counting the number of hours you’ve stayed for work until it’s time to log out and go home.  Your shift seems so long to handle and you can’t wait to pack up and leave.

If you are already experiencing these signs of discontentment; unhappy and unsatisfied with your current job or work, might as well be honest with yourself and start exploring new opportunities that could possibly make you satisfied and happy.


by C.M. Santos,
Published April 26, 2018